Texas Urban Forestry License Plate

In 2003 TUFC initiated and saw the successful passage of a bill in the Texas Legislature that authorized a Texas Urban Forestry License Plate. Texans who purchase the urban forestry license plate will pay an additional $30.00 to the Texas Department of Transportation. Of the $30.00, $8.00 will be allocated to TXDOT. The remaining $22.00 will be deposited into a Treasury account which will be allocated to the Texas Urban Forestry Council. In turn, TUFC will spend all funds on urban forestry education, preservation, and tree planting through the Micro Grant Program.

To purchase your Urban Forestry License Plate, click here.

Once your plate has arrived, you have two options:


You may leave your current registration date as it is and wait for your full registration cycle to complete. For example, if you purchased your registration in November and choose not to update your registration, you will simply pay the $30 specialty plate fee and pick up your urban forestry plate at your local Tax Assessors Office. In the following November, you would pay your regular registration fee and $30 specialty plate fee.


You may choose to extend your registration to the month in which it was received by the specialty plate division. At that time, you would pay the fee difference and extend your registration to encompass 1 full year. For example, your registration is normally due in July and you order an urban forestry license plate in February. When you pick up your plate, you may pay the difference between February and July and extend your registration to February of the following year.

For additional information about Specialty License Plates, please contact the Specialty License Plate branch at 512-374-5010.



TUFC would like to extend a special thank you to everyone who participated in the passage of HB2971; chiefly Texas State Representative Edmund Kuempel, who ensured the passage of the urban forestry license plate. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the process; especially Kathleen Ownby, Betty Rodgers, Mark Holl, Nancy Masterson, the TUFC License Plate Committee, and the Pecan Growers Association. In addition, we would like to thank our donors who made the urban forestry license plate possible; particularly the Houston Endowment who enabled us to pay the required license plate deposit, WSM for donating the license plate design, TFS for additional funding for the promotion as well as their advisement, Joseph Kewish for making this website possible, and Don Henley for his generous contribution. Most of all, thank you to our loyal members who have worked with us throughout this process. We couldn't have done it without you!