The Texas Urban Forestry Council has embarked upon a new era in encouraging conservation, expansion and protection of our urban forests in Texas, by initiating projects and programs that can be replicated at the local level throughout the state.

New Projects

Texas Urban Forestry Council License Plates & Micro Grant Program

The TUFC is the receiving organization of funds generated by the state license plates denoting Urban Forestry.  We have received more than $30,000 since this program was initiated.  Funds from this program are distributed through the TUFC micro grant program.  Apply for a grant today!


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Texas Tree Planting Competition
Our tree competition was held in Houston this year and more than 1,700 trees were planted by the competitors.  The Houston Area Urban Forestry Council hosted the competition, which was organized and coordinated by Mickey Merritt. Each team had to plant 100 five-gallon trees.  The winning time in the professional division was less than twenty minutes -- the winning team was Bio- Landscape and Maintenance. The winning Amateur team was FloridaUniversity and the winning Youth Division team was Aldine ISD’s MacArthur Douglas H.S. 



Tree Campus USA
Fifteen (15) universities  have qualified for the award in Texas.  We currently trail only the state of Illinois (17) for the highest number of total campuses awarded this important distinction.  Arbor Day Foundation link of current Tree Campus USA Schools.  Lanse Fullwider of the University of North Texas is the chair of this committee.


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The Texas Grove
s a project in conjunction with the other states in Region Eight of the U.S. Forest Service, to develop a social networking web site that allows l state organizations to “personalize” a regionally-shared  web site to its members’ needs. You may access “The Grove” at

Once on the site, click on “The Grove” at the tool bar and then select “The Texas Grove.”


Contact the Texas Urban Forestry Council at 512-364-3915 or email at

Robert Young, President
Texas Urban Forestry Council